Execution of all types of Arabization projects, including all abstract and applied scientific books, educational books, as well as technology transfer and nationalization projects.

Written Translation

Osool Translation Office offers Medical, Political, Petroleum, Administrative, Documentaries, Individual Translation, Engineering, Media, Patents, Academic, International Treaties, Films, Military…

Interpretation and its Supporting Services

We provide our clients with all supporting services to make their projects a success. Our experienced team accompanies you to the site of your project and provides you with all required instruments and equipment.

Translator Training Programs

As per our clients requests, Osool offers translator training programs and courses both in simultaneous and written translation in many languages.

Language High – Level Consultancy Programs

Language consultancy involves analyzing the language needs of a particular scientific material, including books, articles and researches

Planning and Development Services

We provide our clients with professional consultancies  for the efficient management of the translation departments.

Desktop Publishing

We provide our clients with first- class desktop publishing accompanying written translations  (books, records, newspapers and printouts for conferences).